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  • Abingdon Press • Unison Choir Anthem Series
  • Unison/2-part • 0687495512
  • Accompaniment CD available
  • Selected for JW Pepper Editor's Choice
    Editor's Choice

Miriam's joyful song appears Exodus 15 after the Israelites had safely crossed the Red Sea. This exuberant selection for young voices recalls the story with bounce and vigor.  A spirit for dancing and praise is presented immediately in the keyboard introduction. Lilting rhythms, syncopations, and a joyous left hand set the stage for Miriam’s story. The opening choral refrain knits the anthem together. Two stanzas bring praise and worship to the Lord for rescuing Israel from the Egyptian captivity. The final refrain includes an optional part 2 rising as a descant above the part 1 melody.

The accompaniment is energetic, with the right hand dancing across the keys in rhythmic melodies and a left hand punctuating the beats. The vocal parts are simple and sit within a comfortable moderate range. A great learning tool and fun to sing, this anthem will be warmly received by your congregation.



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