Choral Music


  • By Lynn Shaw Bailey & Becki Slagle Mayo
  • Abingdon Press • Unison Anthem Series
  • Unison/2-part • 9780687492183

While children will enjoy singing this anthem, they’ll also learn that God is faithful and God’s love is eternal. Comfortably set within the vocal range of children, the syncopations and melodic interest will have them asking to sing this song every time you meet. Easily sung in unison, the optional second part adds a little pizzazz to the ending of the anthem.  This charming offering reminds kids that God is alive and working in their lives.

Performance options include adding simple movements as are appropriate for your space and setting. Churches with projection capabilities may want to show slides of children in hands-on ministries from within your church or community as part of the performance of the anthem. 

Appropriate days: General praise , themes of discipleship, Christian personhood, God’s love, God’s presence



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